mount portable
mount portable

“Know me for my abilities, not my disability.”, by Robert M. Hensel

Mobile-Catch® believes that to enable people engaging themselves into a proactive and determined life is our essential mission. We provide self-aids with hands-free solution and supplement assistance for those who is self-determined, people with disability or people who enquires special cares in their daily life. Mobile-Catch® was invented based on developing and inspiring human being to bring possibilities of action on their own in hands-free solution on any occasion of anywhere without limitation.. Its unique characteristic of adjustment, flexibility, excellent quality of sustaining, shock-absorbing and ease-quick assembling benefit people with disability to obtain as self-extension and to complete their aspiration in their daily life. Mobile-Catch® is accommodated in medical system and healthcare for paramedical practicing therapy in patient bed or medical equipment in hospital or clinical, as well for long-term and homestay patient. We simplified complicated medical devises, to increase efficiency in medical environment and to bring communication with interaction, to enable possibilities in everyone’ daily life.

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Wheelchair / Hand-Cycle

Mobile-Catch® attributes quality of easy-quick and manual assemble components, supplied with optional accessories as hands-free and self-aid solution, cab be an extension of your arm to access you through daily heavy-duty. Pentened designed clamp can clip on any shape or any surface to hold your daily belongings, personal poesseions, 3C instrument, iPhone, iPad, smartphone, or any tablets. Mobile-Catch® features as versatile of adapatation and innovation to help you cope with obstacles in daily life and to make your life content.

Product Code Combination : #UDC type1 (= #A01*2 + #D01 + #C01) + B02

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Power Wheelchair

Mobile-Catch® provides designed mobile gear of multi-functional and multi-adjustable virtue, easy to install and switch-off with intellect and smart figure to allow you quickly switch on-and-off in wheelchairs. Our high standard of safety guarrentees and ensures the stablilty during high-speed motions on movements in wheelchair, powerchair, electric powerchair and scooter. Mobile-Catch® believes possibilities comes from creativity. To pursue a superior quality in daily life, Mobile-Catch® has proved on sustaniable, durable and firm invention with inspiritional insight to improve wheelchair users for more advanced precedences.

Product Code Combination : #KOK or #Hawk Sport

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Mobile-Catch® carries with extra lightweight and anti-disturbance benefits, which is adjustable and flexible on anything from max. 0.1-8cm range. Unique clamp with 3 directions claws can easily grasp any objectives on any kind of surface or shape. With pentened non-slip material to prevent sudden impact, Mobile-Catch® protect your 3C device and personal poccessions from damage of dropping. No matter what kind of your transportation tool is, it is flexible into your requirement. Mobile-Catch® brings you an satisfying experience to live a better life.

Product Code Combination : #KOK (#A01 + #C01 + #Z01)

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Walker / Self-Aids: Example 1

Mobile-Catch® provides people of an extension and supplemental assistance in their daily life. People in rehabilitated or required self-aids need hands-free solutions for heavy-duty in their daily life. Mobile-Catch® is specifically designed in handy and assemble notion to illuminate people in daily life to be proactive and purposeful of achieving their life goals. Dual clamps with optional accessories for alterable combination and assemble components are alternating on your own desire. We care the necessities of people in need no matter in health care system, hospital, clinical or daily routine life.

Product Code Combination : #UDC Type1 = #A01*2 + #D01 + #C01

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Walker / Self-Aids: Example 2

Mobile-Catch® owns creativity with the assemble components which can change and turn 360 angles in rotation and to adapt into your daily necessities. Dual clamps combined into a reliable hand-carry gear to work as an extra arm to take your daily belongings and afford hands-free solution in inspiring and versatile notion to address your daily routine needs. Mobile-Catch® carries your baggage for you to move all the way onto your journey.

Product Code Combination : #UDC Type1 = #A01*2 + #D01 + #C01

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Patient Bed: Example 1

Mobile-Catch® is comfort and quick-easy to use. We care of the needs of paramedic and nurse in hospital or clinical. Mobile-Catch® is adjustable to adapt any normal size in medical device, sensor, tablets, monitors and other instrument to accommodate medical equipment system. To increase efficiency on medical practice, Mobile-Catch® promises to perform a safe, handy, supporting and flexible of mounting system in hospital and clinical in health care system. Accommodation and integration for medical devices with ultra-light-weight, adaptability and mobility, Mobile-Catch® plays as your assistance in hospital routine duty performance.

Product Code Combination : Smartphone: #KOK; Monitor/Remote Control: #UDC Type1

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Patient Bed: Example 2

Mobile-Catch® is convenient and accessible. We care of the needs of patient and long-term staying in hospital or home. Mobile-Catch® is a supporting kit to help patient and family member in distance with better communication and connection no matter in video chat, livestream and vlog filming, etc. Mobile-Catch® is adjustable to adapt into sensor, tablets, monitors, medical equipment, instruments, 3C, iPhone, iPad, smartphone and other tablets or devices, which is befitting for medical equipment and furniture in hospital, clinical and home care as a hands-free solution as an extra arm to be supportive and supplemental assisting in daily life.

Product Code Combination : #KOK (= #A01 + #C01) + #Z03 for iPad or any size of tablet computer

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Medical Equipment

Mobile-Catch® can be applied in hospital device or equipment, e.g. IV poles, lightings, magnifiers, medical carts, dining table, ambulance service, surgical table and other clinical or medical practicing necessities. Mobile-Catch® is determined to be benefit on medical or clinical care in hospital and health care system. It supports nurses or paramedical to bring efficiency and flexibility during treatment or practice on patient with comfort and convenience. Mobile-Catch® has lightweight, adjustable excellence of mounting system and attributed in flexibility and adaptability. Its quick-ease to loose and assemble ability allow paramedical or nurse to work better on multifunctional routine duty and urgent circumstance.

Product Code Combination : #KOK = #A01 + #C01 + #Z01

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Homecare, Healthcare, Surveillance, Security and Safety

Mobile-Catch® can be applied in smart-home surveillance tablet, camera or other instrument via wifi remote control, which based on cell phone app to secure your home from anywhere. Mobile-Catch® possesses exquisite flexibility to switch into 360° all-round-angles, and with ease-quick install clip to match any surface or shape of object in daily surroundings. With alternative accessories and assemble changes, Mobile-Catch® owns versatility to adapt into smarthome surveillance devices within 0-8cm width plus extension accessories as needed. Mobile-Catch® is dedicated to guaranteeing of a reliable and safe home for your family.

Product Code Combination : #KOK = #A01 + #C01 + #Z01