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Mobile-Catch 2018 Photokina

2018 Photokina


Hall 4.2 Stand: F014

Mobile-Catch 2018

2018 Computex Stand: #B0303


2018 ADEX

2018 ADEX

2018/04/06-2018/04/08 Stand: #J26

This unique underwater accessory can be applicable for all marine users, outdoor activities, watersports including fishing and boating.Mobile-Catch® offers divers' extra hand to grasp, including mounting all underwater cameras, light and strobes.This is a new commercialized product. After Mobile-Catch® success in last DEMA USA, this is the first time we show this great tool in Singapore.

2018 NAMM

2018 NAMM Highlights

2018/01/25~2018/01/28 Stand: #1817

America’s best patent invention, world’s hands-free solution leader. A portable tool to mount all sizes microphone, smartphone, tablet, camera, sound&light on all kind instruments especially guitars.

Categories: Audio & Recording Accessories, Audio & Recording Microphones, Keyboards Accessories, Percussion Accessories, Brass Accessories, Live Event Production Accessories, Retail Support Retail Support, String & Bow Accessories, DJ Accessories, Woodwind Accessories, Fretted Instruments Accessories

2018 CES

2018 CES

2018/1/9~2018/1/12 Stand: LVCC, South Hall 4 - 35058

Mobile-Catch® is a portable, hands-free mobile device holder system. Fast and simple to use, this patent protected product easily achieves a stable grip in any direction. Conveniently incorporated into everyday life, Mobile-Catch® transforms smartphones/pads into the new generation of wearable tech.

2017 DEMA

2017 DEMA

2017/11/01~2017/11/04 Stand: 2783

Mobile-Catch® is an America’s best awarding inventions from a professional PADI/SSI rescue diver. Based on his abundant diving experience, he created this unique tool which can be applicable for all marine users, outdoors, watersports including fishing and boating, etc.Mobile-Catch® is a human hand modified tool which basically grasps everything. Firstly, it provides every diver a “third hand” while descending; it increases chances to be rescued when divers in danger. Secondly, it is a useful accessory for all underwater photographers to mount their cameras or light. Thirdly, it is a useful accessory for all underwater photographers or video film producers to mount their cameras or flashlight, or to observe marine lives.

2017 CTIA

2017 CTIA

2017/09/12~2017/09/14 Stand: S.1959

“Hands-Free”, especially a mobile device, can be used without needing to hold it in one’s hand. Mobile-Catch Inc. USA is dedicating in working on modern Hands-Free devices.Through our unique patent developments, these new inventions will guide everyone into a future hands-free era, by providing solutions including smartphones, tablet computers, lightings, natural energy equipment and every external article, etc. Mobile-Catch® is taking the responsibility to link IoT together with our daily lives including photography, music, medicals, outdoors and fitness, vehicles and public transportations, etc. Mobile-Catch® was ever awarded in Invention Exposition USA as the best hardware/tools.

2017 NAMM

2017 NAMM Highlights

2017/01/19~2017/01/22 Stand: #1050

In the market segment of guitars, Mobile-Catch® offered the most convincing evidence of being able to mount on virtually all types of guitars, at the same time of working as CAPO, a variety of interchangeable holders: These were proven concepts presented in NAMM 2017. With Mobile-Catch®, a tablet computer can be viewed from top of the guitar bridge and it is a device unlike anything the guitar world has ever seen before.

2017 CES

2017 CES


For 50 years, CES has been the launch pad for new innovation and technology that has changed the world. Held in Las Vegas every year, it is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies and where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.

Mobile-Catch 2016 Photokina Highlights

2016 Photokina Highlights


Hall 4.1 Stand: B022

Mobile-Catch 2016 Computex Highlights

2016 Computex Highlights