cell phone holder for bike

Mobile-Catch Inc. is dedicated to creating and refining our sophisticated hardware & tools for users’ hands-free activities. The company develops all assignments in-house, from fundamental ideas, concepts, design and research, technical development, patent rights, product commercialization, sales and marketing, and promotions.
Following is the business strategies of Mobile-Catch Inc.:


Licensed manufacturers are allowed to produce Mobile-Catch® products and they are also eligible to sell such products through their own sales channels. Mobile-Catch® provides design and technical assistance to licensees. This enables them to produce the qualitative products with their own unique features under their own brands. Patent infringement occurs when a manufacturer/ distributor/vendor who are not licensed but are producing/selling /promoting Mobile-Catch products. Mobile-Catch Inc. in the US is responsible for monitoring all licensed/non-licensed activities/vendors, and identifying potential partners for licensing.

Product Sales

  • B2B: Shipping ordered products directly from the warehouses in the US or Taiwan to import/export distributors, wholesalers, or retailers.
  • B2C: Keeping a sufficient inventory of finished products in the US, then sell to end-users. This can be done via our own website or an online shore.


Filling customers’ orders based on their requirements for brand name, logo and package details. The orders will be delivered to the US customers directly.

Industrial Collaboration Assignments

On a project-by-project basis, Mobile-Catch patent portfolios can be combined with or merged into other existing products. We can package the combination with specific features, such as “Mobile-Catch Tool + Other Unit = A NEW PRODUCT”.