cell phone holder for bike

Mobile-Catch Inc. is dedicated to creating and refining our sophisticated hardware & tools for users’ hands-free activities. The company develops all assignments in-house, from fundamental ideas, concepts, design and research, technical development, patent rights, product commercialization, sales and marketing, and promotions.
Following is the business strategies of Mobile-Catch Inc.:


Licensed manufacturers are allowed to produce Mobile-Catch® products and they are also eligible to sell such products through their own sales channels. Mobile-Catch® provides design and technical assistance to licensees. This enables them to produce the qualitative products with their own unique features under their own brands. Patent infringement occurs when a manufacturer/ distributor/vendor who are not licensed but are producing/selling /promoting Mobile-Catch products. Mobile-Catch Inc. in the US is responsible for monitoring all licensed/non-licensed activities/vendors, and identifying potential partners for licensing.

Product Sales

  • B2B: Shipping ordered products directly from the warehouses in the US or Taiwan to import/export distributors, wholesalers, or retailers.
  • B2C: Keeping a sufficient inventory of finished products in the US, then sell to end-users. This can be done via our own website or an online shore.

OEM / ODM /branding

Filling customers’ orders based on their requirements for brand name, logo and package details. The orders will be delivered to the US customers directly.

Industrial Collaboration Assignments

On a project-by-project basis, Mobile-Catch patent portfolios can be combined with or merged into other existing products. We can package the combination with specific features, such as “Mobile-Catch Tool + Other Unit = A NEW PRODUCT”.