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Q1:What is the difference between Mobile-Catch® products and a traditional table top clip or suction mount?

A: Mobile-Catch® patented design is considerably more versatile than suction mounts and table top spring clips. Suction mounts are restricted to use only with flat surfaces and tend to lose efficiency after a while as the suction deteriorates. This is also a problem for spring clips which loosen over time. Spring clips also require tension to open and to grip, so in order to achieve a large clamp range either the force used to open it must be very great, making the product difficult to use; or the lever must very large, making the product non-portable. The Mobile-Catch® design faces none of these problems, it can catch on any shaped surface, with a wide clamp range and yet still super portable, in addition the screw mechanism will never loose efficiency.

Q2:Do Mobile-Catch® products come in other colors?

A: Black Edition is currently only available in black, however more colors are coming soon. The Hawk Edition series is currently available in 5 different colors.

Q3:Are Mobile-Catch® products secure?

A: Yes, here at Mobile-Catch® the safety of you and your mobile device is our greatest priority. We under-taken extensive testing on every element of our products, and are confident in its stability under normal conditions.

Q4:Is there a correct way to use my Mobile-Catch® product?

A:Please consult the relevant "user-manual" for best practice.

Q5 : Applications

Mobile-Catch Applications

Q6 : Optional Accessories

Mobile-Catch Optional Accessories

DISCLAIMER : Mobile-Catch® provides an efficient clamp mounting system for handheld and mobile devices, not a professional sport equipment. The maximum loading capacity of product is 1Kg. We recommend you do not over speed 30-40km/h while biking or motorcycling to avoid the damage caused by drastic vibration. The clamp features of all mounts, by any manufacturer, are susceptible to failure at any given time. Loss of grip may be induced for a variety of reasons including, but are in no way limited to; bumpy roads, pot holes, weather conditions and more. Loss of grip can cause the car / bike / bicycle mount to unexpectedly fall from the car air vent, dashboard / bike / bicycle handlebar. You assume total responsibility and risk for using this clamp mount system device. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, this mount device is provided “as is,” without warranties, conditions, representations or guaranties of any kind, either expressed, implied, statutory or otherwise, including but not limited to, any implied warranties or conditions of merchantability satisfactory quality, title, non-infringement or fitness for a particular purpose. Please do not attempt to enter route information or adjust this device while driving. Failure to pay full attention to the operation of your vehicle could result in death, serious injury, or property damage.