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Q1:The basic kit of Mobile-Catch® may be limited for angles and distance, how do I add suitable accessories to construct the solution?

A: 3 clamps aligned from right to left on each picture, YELLOW clamp is the basic hands-free solution: STD box #KOK containing 1 clamp (#A01) + 1 ball head (#C01) + 1 smartphone holder (#Z01); RED clamp increases the weight loading power by adding an optional stronger professional ballhead enforced (#C03) for bigger DSLR camera (or, #C02 can be compatible for photographers too); BLUE clamp solves the multiple angle/distance bending issue by adding (#B01)" Flexible Extension Rod in.

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Q2:Distance expansion is important, how can I make a decision to pick between the Flexible Extension vs. Rigid Extension Rod?

A:The BLUE clamp (with #B01) offers convinent and easier angle adjustment but the YELLOW clamp (with #B02) provides more solid extended loading while distance enlarged. They are completly different stories and they will be needed in certain circunstance; it is not saying which can replace or substitue which but they all have their own advantages.

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Q3:Mobile-Catch is very okay for smartphone and tablet computers, but can Mobile-Catch® mount/hold/grip large size display like iPad Pro, notebook or laptop?

A: Yes, there is a solution but we only recommend that you use it while in static situation for demo/exhibit/display only. It can be risky if you are using them under the motion because the big inches display has broad massive surface area and any tiny impact on the flat surface may cause the drop or damage broken glass on the display. Please use 2 units of "King-of-kings Edition Power clamp sets (#KOK)" + the accessory of "Tablet Holder (#Z03)". Allocate each in the bottom edge, one on the left and one on the right then find the center of gravity and well adjust the ballance, then your iPad Pro or notebook should be able to be hang like pictures.

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Q4:What is the difference between Mobile-Catch® products and a traditional table top clip or suction mount?

A: Mobile-Catch® patented design is considerably more versatile than suction mounts and table top spring clips. Suction mounts are restricted to use only with flat surfaces and tend to lose efficiency after a while as the suction deteriorates. This is also a problem for spring clips which loosen over time. Spring clips also require tension to open and to grip, so in order to achieve a large clamp range either the force used to open it must be very great, making the product difficult to use; or the lever must very large, making the product non-portable. The Mobile-Catch® design faces none of these problems, it can catch on any shaped surface, with a wide clamp range and yet still super portable, in addition the screw mechanism will never loose efficiency.

Q5:Why I don't see a dealer in my country/region? Anywhere I can touch the real product? Why my favorite color is not available on Mobile-Catch® website?

A: After years of hard working, Mobile-Catch® is getting more popular. If you don't find any dealer in your place or see your favorite color on our website, please feel free to send us an email or leave a message on Facebook, we will do the best to take care your request.

Q6:Is that true Mobile-Catch® King-of-kings Edition is secured and can hang over 130lbs/65kg?

A: Yes, that is absolutely true although #KOK clamp has only 83g (0.2lbs) itself --> this number is CORRECT, we are not insane. Mobile-Catch® is made by fiber enforced engineering plastic and well applied with physics principles so that it is reliable to sustain strong force in tough atmosphere, just make sure you receive the King-of-kings 304 stainless steel V2 knob version. The stainless 303 V1 knob version shares the same knob together with #BEP which is not the heavy duty/sporty version but majority for consumer electronic usages or music field. The upgraded 304 V2 Knob Version option overstarted from 3Q17 already; however, some dealers they might have not specified such conditions to end users whether they are selling the upgraded 304 V2 know Version. Therefore, feel free to clarify this issue if you need a reliable #KOK for extraordinary heavy duty application segments such as diving/outdoors/motorbike, etc.

Q7 : Is there a best method to assemble Mobile-Catch®?

A:Mobile-Catch® is very easy to use/construct, five-year-old kids can figure out by themselves how to play Mobile-Catch® kits. If you need more detailed procedure, please contact your local dealer or you can search "Mobile-Catch" on YouTube, you should be able to find the instruction/manual. Or, DM, user-manual, handout, slides, should be able to download from the web for your best practice.

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DISCLAIMER : Mobile-Catch® provides an efficient clamp mounting system for handheld and mobile devices, not a professional sport equipment. The maximum loading capacity of product is 1Kg. We recommend you do not over speed 30-40km/h while biking or motorcycling to avoid the damage caused by drastic vibration. The clamp features of all mounts, by any manufacturer, are susceptible to failure at any given time. Loss of grip may be induced for a variety of reasons including, but are in no way limited to; bumpy roads, pot holes, weather conditions and more. Loss of grip can cause the car / bike / bicycle mount to unexpectedly fall from the car air vent, dashboard / bike / bicycle handlebar. You assume total responsibility and risk for using this clamp mount system device. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, this mount device is provided “as is,” without warranties, conditions, representations or guaranties of any kind, either expressed, implied, statutory or otherwise, including but not limited to, any implied warranties or conditions of merchantability satisfactory quality, title, non-infringement or fitness for a particular purpose. Please do not attempt to enter route information or adjust this device while driving. Failure to pay full attention to the operation of your vehicle could result in death, serious injury, or property damage.