smartphone clamp mount

No more tripod

Any object could be your tripod.

mount phone

Compact and lightweight

Easy carry and no heavy tripod.

cell phone holder

In Kitchen

Hold the recipes for you.

iphone clamp mount

Phone mount desk

Anywhere, anytime enjoy your life.

phone holder mount

Washing dishes

Feel boring when you washing dishes? Our mount system will let you have your mobile device anywhere with hands free.

holder cell phone


Check your receipt with your mobile device and let your hands free.

phone mount holder

Buy list

Clamp our patented design on the shopping cart.

flex clamp mount

Pokemon Go player

Looking for Pokemon when you are shopping? Try our hands-free mounting system.

ipad tablet stand

Where you are?

King of Kings always is your best friend!

camera clamp tripod

Want take a good shot?

King of kings also can be standing.

mount ipad

Mobile-Catch® Catch everywhere

With Mobile-Catch® hands-free clamp.

ipad clip mount

Any object

Easy for holding your mobile device in the coffee shop.

ipad mount bed

Phone holder 360 degree ratation

With Mobile-Catch patented design for mount mobile phone accessories.

mount for ipad

Mobile grip

Multi purpose for mobile device holder with 360 degree ratation.

cell phone back holder

For the video meeting

With your customers any time any where.

phone stand desk

Smart phone holder

The most convenient mobile phone mount system.

portable phone mount

Any surface

Multi-purpose for any kind of the cell phone or tablet.