Mobile-Catch®| Accessories for King of kings

King of Kings Clamp stander package include Phone Sheath and Ball Head. Unfasten screw to open the King of Kings claw it is standing up when it is unfasten to maximum. The ball head must be tightened right before installation then fasten the claw on the ball head. Phone sheath follows international standard of 1/4" size. It can be connected within two directions. Just push the phone gently against the non-slip pad and then secure the phone to the phone sheath. You can unfasten the ball head's screw to adjust the angle. To adjust the length, turn the extension rod counterclockwise. Then clockwise to fix the extension rod. The same international standards can be linked to each other, the self-shot stick can be used too.

Mobile-Catch® catch everywhere! The link of mobile device & life

Both hands occupied but still want access to your smartphone or tablet? Two hanks not enough to set up the perfect lighting and framing for your photo? Neck ache from always looking down at your phone?
With lightweight design, interlocking fingers, and vice like grip power from a threaded screw, not the tension from a simple spring; the Mobile-Catch® design can mount to any surface, flat round or uneven. All Mobile-Catch® patented products are super portable; easily mounted and remounted; and once in position won't loosen over time!!

Blood Types & Personality – are Type A the best helpers?

Walking in Xiangshan trail, we meet a girl who is planning to take pictures. But she seems to be having some trouble, what kind of help will people of different blood-types offer?
As the video shows, Mobile-Catch® portable mounts is the world's lightest and most secure mounting system. It connects and detaches in only a few seconds. It allows you to shoot at night and no longer travel with a heavy tripod or need to ask a stranger for help taking a picture with Taipei 101.
The Mobile-Catch® design is unique. No other mount provides the same versatility and portability.

Mobile-Catch® - Keeps you hands free,so you can get hands on with life.

Mount a smartphone,tablet or camera anywhere;car,bike,wheelchair,gym,out& about.
Patented portable holder.Go hands free get hands on with life.